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Tangled concept art, by Glen Keane

Flynn from Tangled was going to be huge and Stabbington-sized, in comparison to Rapunzel, to make the relationship seem “accepting”, so Rapunzel would seem less shallow.

As if to teach a lesson that not ALL 16th century urchin thieves (half the populace) were rapists and murderers; general scary mean guys, despite their intimidating looks.

Then, to appeal more to the target audience of female teens and little girls, they made him Prince Charming with a personality, so you know he’s ‘good and pretty’, and there wouldn’t be a societal issue in pairing a 25+ year old ex-con with someone the size of a 14 year old.

The panel of women who decided what makes a man attractive had the ideal of a man who looks like this, with a constant Dreamworks face, thus the ‘handsome’ Flynn was born, and the lovable giant Bastion was scrapped.

OMG I love that hulk of a man. It would have been so nice to see a big burly non-common prince charming. All princes are shaped the exact same way and it would have been awesome to see strength in arms or a belly or a barrel chest. Wish this would’ve happened.

Wow, I want the original prince! He’s amazing! And more memorable, to me.

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